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24/7 Stolen Vehicle Recovery Call Center

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Our dedicated call center is available to all members 24/7 in the event their vehicle be stolen. Members can simply call in and speak with a specialist who will assist in locating their stolen vehicle. Once located, the representative will generate a ticket and contact the local authority to share the location of the vehicle using our unique one click app for local law enforcement. They will also dispatch the member through to the operator where they will finish completing their police report.

Simple User Interface

Intelligence Meets Automation!

AVAS GPS Tracking Mobile App
AVAS GPS Tracking Simple User Interface

Our platform has been built around the mindset of one click automation. We believe there is no longer a need to manually manage apps to accomplish simple, everyday tasks. We’ve been told our mobile app is so easy to use, you’ll learn it in under 5 minutes!

  • View Vehicle’s Current Location

  • View Vehicle’s Past Trips

  • Create Unlimited Zones (Geofences)

  • Speed, Low-Battery, Off-Hour & Zone Alerts

  • Vehicle Maintenance & Recall Notifications

  • Detailed, Mileage, Speed, Ignition & Zone Reports.

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GPS Tracking Vehicle Maintenance Notifications

Vehicle Monitoring

Always Know, While On The Go!

Real-time GPS Tracking

It’s always nice to know where your vehicle is, even if you were the last one to drive it. With our-in car technology you can enjoy peace of mind knowing where your or your loved one’s vehicle is currently located, plus much more…

  • Driver Behavior Monitoring

  • Keep Track Of Your Mileage

  • Great For 24/7 Vehicle Security

  • Perfect For Teen Monitoring

  • Vehicle Health Monitoring

  • Real-Time Location Monitoring

Teen Driver

 The ability to setup instant zones around my vehicle gives me peace of mind. It’s nice to know I’ll be notified should my vehicle move, since we all know alarms do nothing these days! 

- James D.

 My husband and I love having a simple app to keep track of our daughter’s driving habits and whereabouts. We can simply find her vehicle when we need to without calling her.

- Kelly S.

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