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How It Works!

The AVAS Dealer program allows dealerships to utilize the industry’s first real-time solution to reach their customers with automated marketing campaigns based off of actual, not projected mileage. Imagine providing service offers tied directly to the manufacturer’s service recommendations. Think of how much time this will save your dealership by automating your marketing. Now imagine how many RO’s it will generate!

AVAS Automotive Inventory Management Software

Inventory Management & Profit Center

Net $1 Million Per Year Using Our Automotive Tracking Software

The AVAS Automotive Tracking Software for New & Used Automotive Dealers offers a one-click Inventory Management Software with Mobile Apps. It help Dealers streamline their daily operations , inventory purchase decisions and offers a simple, analytical view on information they have always been looking for in the 21st century.

We save Dealers time and energy, while helping to improve their overall profit vs. loss portfolio. Dealers have the ability to create a profit center for their F&I department by offering consumer applications with a 3-5 year VIP Rewards & Service Retention program.

Live Mileage Marketing Service Retention

Increase Service Retention By Up To 10% Across The Board Years 3-5

Our one of a kind, LIVE MILEAGE MARKETING service retention program offers Dealers insight into accurate mileage information on their customers vehicles over a 3-5 year period in a non-intrusive way.

It allows the Dealer to offer an exclusive ownership experience by offering more accurate services tailor fitted to their customers needs by sending automated maintenance notifications to their mobile device, with discounts & savings. It also offers their clients the ability to conveniently setup service appointments within one click.

Imagine your customers receiving promotions & incentive deals on time versus weeks too late finally!

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